Action on incontinence: stop worrying and start enjoying life.

16 February 2018 by Carewell Living

Bladder weakness doesn't discriminate on age or gender. What is the best bit of advice you can give someone who is struggling to come to terms with their incontinence and the...

Why we created the Carewell Living brand

26 January 2018 by Carewell Living

Julia Minchin set up Hippychick in October 1999 to supply gorgeous toys and nursery accessories parenting market. Hippychick's award winning bedding protection range began to prove popular, with people buying them for not only their children's beds...

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Beat the Bugs this Winter

18th December 2017 by Carewell Living 

It's that time of year again... Colds, coughs, flu and sickness bugs are an unpleasant fact of winter life, but take heart that there is plenty you can do to build immunity and protect your family this cold season. ...


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