Julia Minchin set up Hippychick in October 1999 to supply gorgeous toys and nursery accessories parenting market. Hippychick's award winning bedding protection range begain to prove popular, with people buying them for not only their children's bed, but for their own and for their relatives. 

However, the name Hippychick, along with the pictures of joyous toddlers on the packaging was not really suitable for the adult market. Our research suggested that there was a real dearth of stylish, waterproof linen for adults and we saw and opportunity to improve our contemporary offering into this market - Carewell Living was born. 

Carewell Living is a brand for a different generation, continuing the same ethos of making life easier for their customers in terms of sourcing and developing suitable products, or an extremely high quality and a reasonable price. 

Like Hippychick, Carewell Living stands for innovation, style and quality, supplying discreet, practical waterproof bedding. From flat and fitted sheets in both cotton and Tencel, to pillow and duvet protectors, we have everything you need to ensure a peaceful, comfortable night's sleep. We have even taken inspiration from other Hippychick products, and will soon be introducing our Litecup, a beaker with an integrated soft glow light in the base to easily find during the night and a range of soft brushed cotton blankets. 

Says Julia Minchin, 'There is an undoubted lack of practical products that meet the populations needs but does so stylishly. We aim to shatter the illusions that products that can aid a person's day to day life have to be cold, clinical and simply not cool.'