It's that time of year again... Colds, coughs, flu and sickness bugs are an unpleasant fact of winter life, but take heart that there is plenty you can do to build immunity and protect your family this cold season. 

Healthy from the inside out

Keep your immunity bolstered by aiming for a healthy, balanced diety with plenty of fruits and vegetables in all colours. This will ensure you maximise your bug-busting vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake. Making smoothies, soups and sauces can be a good way to sneak extra fruit and veg into your diet. Invest in a brilliant, easy to use blender such as the Nutribullet.

The entire family may benefit from taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement as health insurance, especially over the winter months. 

Think Hygiene

Experts insist hand washing is by far the most important way to stop germs spreading. Dispose of any used tissues hygienically, and always cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. 

Keep Warm

Cold weather allows more bugs to survive and proliferate. So it sounds silly, but keeping warm, especially your nose, really can keep you healthy. Layers are great for the entire family as you can regulate your temperature. Take off a layer if you have been jumping into the car and put one on again if you're standing around in the cold. Uniqlo has some brilliant 'HEATTECH' thermalwear for adults. 

Don't forget a hat, scarf, gloves and warm socks to keep extremities warm. 

Be Prapared for Duvet Days

The last thing you want to be doing is Googling '24 hour pharmacy' if you are already feeling under the weather. Stock up on paracetemol, iboprofen, cough mixture, rehydration sachets and make sure you have a good, working thermometer. A germ killing nasal spray such as Vicks First Defence is useful at the first sign of sniffles, and remember you can call 111 for non-urgent medical advice. 24/7.